About Us

What is CrowdRiff Creators?

CrowdRiff Creators is where content creators can get paid to share the experiences that make their local regions unique. CrowdRiff Creators is powered by CrowdRiff, a travel-tech company based in Toronto, Canada working with over 800 travel-brands around the world to help them tell their story through locally generated content.

Through CrowdRiff Creators, CrowdRiff connects travel brands looking for authentic stories, with content creators who have stories to tell. All while providing the opportunity for those creators to earn exclusive rewards for the content they produce.

Who can join?

Currently, we’re accepting content creators across specific regions in North America. Check out our Opportuities page to see if we have work in your area or an area you visit often. We’re looking for folks who have a passion for story-telling, we don’t care about how many followers you have.

CrowdRiff Creators Content Shoots

What is a CrowdRiff Creators Content Shoot?

A content shoot is 5-10 short videos that tell an engaging story about a specific place. CrowdRiff Creators Content powers Reels and TikTok, but with the added benefits of being:

  • Authentic: Tell an authentic story on behalf of a destination
  • Easy-to-consume: Share your experience in an easy-to-consume way
  • Actionable: Provide rich context to drive inspiration and action

How do I compile a CrowdRiff Creators Content Shoot?

Using our iOS mobile app! If you’ve already received an invite code, download the CrowdRiff Creators App from the App Store. If you’d like to receive an invite code, simply fill out the application form.

Where does my CrowdRiff Creators Content get shared?

Your Content is shared with our destination partners who use it across their marketing channels, including social media & website.

Using The App

Can I use voice overs in my videos?

Audio is not necessary unless requested specifically in the request

Should I always add links to the swipe up?

It’s best practice to add links to your swipe up. Include links to businesses, attractions, or destinations to help increase viewer engagement and improve the likelihood that your Story will be shared by our destination partners for additional exposure and rewards.

Can I edit a Shoot after it’s been submitted?

Yes, you can make edits until the submission is approved by our team.

Do my Stories automatically save while I’m editing?

No. Make sure that you save your work if you are planning to exit the app. Publishing or saving a Story may take a few seconds depending on the size of your files, so ensure that you leave the app running in the background until the upload is complete.

Is there an Andriod app?

CrowdRiff Creators is currently only available on iPhone. If you are a creator who would like to join the program but you use Android, please let us know!

Earning Rewards

How do CrowdRiff Creators earn rewards?

By completing Content Requests. Any submission to an assigned content request that meets the posted requirements will receive payment.

How do I get paid for creating CrowdRiff Creator Content?

Payment is processed via Stripe. Once you sign a contract you will be sent instructions on how to register for an account.

How long after I submit a shoot to a request does it take to get paid?

After you submit a Shoot for a Request, your content is reviewed by our internal teams and our destination partners. The review process typically takes 1-2 weeks. After your shoot is accepted, payment is process via Stripe on the following Tuesday.

Does CrowdRiff Creators reimburse for travel, food, or accommodation expenses incurred while completing Content Requests?

We intentionally set rewards for each Content Request so that they will cover the associated costs. If you ever feel like we’ve missed the mark, please reach out to !

How can I tell that I’ve met all the Content requirements for a Request?

Each Request has different requirements. Make sure that you review the Request details carefully before submitting to ensure that you receive rewards for your work.

Will CrowdRiff Creators provide me with a tax form to declare my income?

Yes, we provide 1099 forms in the USA before the appropriate deadlines.

What are some common mistakes that might limit earning potential?

  • Follow our guidelines.
  • Make sure that all activity captured in your Content Shoot is legal and not dangerous to increase the likelihood of our destination partners sharing your content.
  • Upload high quality, engaging content.

Have any questions?

We are happy to answer any questions at creators@crowdriff.com.