Content Guidelines

Capturing Video

  • Capture dynamic and varied video angles that will engage an audience.
  • Mix in wide shots to give a sense of the space and close ups.
  • Follow local regulations when shooting drone content.
  • Avoid shaky, fast, or unfocused footage.

Weather and Timing

  • Film in good weather when possible.
  • Capture content during daylight hours, unless otherwise relevant to the activity.
  • Ensure the landscape reflects the correct season; for instance, capture spring content when greenery is present and snow has melted.

People and Crowds

  • Showcase groups and activities at lively places like restaurants and events.
  • For serene experiences like hiking, avoid showing crowds.
  • Refer to a destination’s guidelines to determine whether to show faces.

Your Perspective

  • Actively participate with the activities or food being captured.
  • Include point-of-view shots that allow travelers to imagine themselves there.
  • Refer to a destination’s guidelines to decide whether to appear on camera.

Subject Matter

  • Highlight various location features.
  • Include both interior and exterior shots whenever possible.
  • Avoid portraying places negatively by excluding messy areas or unsafe activities.

Telling Your Story

  • Use 5-10 video clips, each about 5-10 seconds long.
  • Organize content in a sequence that guides viewers through the experience and tells a compelling story.
  • Add captions and descriptions to enhance the narrative and provide context.
  • Content should be free of typos, and follow a destination’s guidelines.