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We’ve partnered with Visit Utah to work with content creators like yourself. You’ll capture authentic content to show off the top spots that Utah has to offer and get paid for your work! Create stories that share your local expertise with travellers on what makes this beautiful community of Utah worth visiting. To get started:

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Utah, the Crossroads of the West, invites adventurers and explorers to discover its natural beauty and captivating landscapes that have been millennia in the making. From the majestic red rock formations of Zion National Park to the snow-capped peaks of the Wasatch Range, Utah offers a backdrop of unparalleled natural luxury and serene grandeur. With a heritage rich in pioneer spirit and a community dedicated to hospitality, Utah curates a collection of top destinations that promise to enchant and inspire. By guiding travellers through Utah’s diverse wonders and sharing the journey, you can unlock rewards that enhance the exploration of this remarkable state. Embark on a journey through Utah and experience the unforgettable adventures that await in every corner of this magnificent land.

  • All stories must meet the base guidelines.
  • Follow any provided brand guidelines.
  • Create assigned Stories within 3 weeks.
  • Visit Utah reserves the right to not compensate Stories that do not capture the Point of Interest, were not assigned to the creator or do not meet the above requirements.

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