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How it Works!

Brace yourselves for an exciting opportunity as we team up with Experience Mt Hood and the Gorge to collaborate with passionate content creators – just like you!  Get ready to snap, shoot, and unveil the incredible wonders of Mt Hood and the Columbia River Gorge.

Are you itching for an adventure? How about turning that passion into a paycheck? Look no further – this program was tailor-made for you!

Unleash your creativity and spin tales that spill your local know-how to curious travellers. It’s your chance to dazzle the world with the breathtaking allure of Mt Hood and the Columbia River Gorge.

Eager to dive in? Here’s your ticket to start this thrilling journey:

  1. Become a CrowdRiff Creator.
  2. We’ll be in touch via email to help you navigate downloading the app, getting paid for your work, and how to choose which assignments you want.
  3. Select which Points of Interest you want to cover from the available list.
  4. Create assigned CrowdRiff Creator Stories through our app.
  5. Get paid for your work!

Earn Rewards from Experience Mt Hood and the Gorge

Unearth the marvels of Mt Hood and the Columbia River Gorge! Dive into stunning vistas, from the grandeur of Mt Hood’s slopes to the sheer wonder of the Gorge. Trek, wander, and embrace nature’s enchantment in a whole new light. With Experience Mt Hood and the Gorge, we’ve handpicked prime locations that flaunt this natural splendor. Ready to have a blast? Earn rewards by taking fellow adventurers on a virtual journey through your designated destinations. Let’s make every step an escapade!


  • All stories must meet the base guidelines.
  • Follow any provided brand guidelines.
  • Create assigned Stories within 3 weeks.
  • Experience Mt Hood and the Gorge reserves the right to not compensate Stories that do not capture the Point of Interest, were not assigned to the creator or do not meet the above requirements.

Have any questions?

We are happy to answer any questions at creators@crowdriff.com.