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In collaboration with Flagstaff Tourism, we’re excited to invite content creators like you to embark on a rewarding journey of capturing the essence of Flagstaff’s top spots. This partnership is an opportunity to showcase your local expertise and bring to life the artistic, athletic, and delicious facets of this vibrant city. From the enchanting landscapes of the Coconino National Forest to the thriving arts scene in downtown Flagstaff, your storytelling prowess will illuminate the authentic experiences awaiting travelers. Join us in creating narratives that not only capture the scenic beauty but also celebrate the rich cultural tapestry, outdoor adventures, and culinary delights that define Flagstaff. Get ready to be compensated for your creativity as you showcase the unique charm of this Arizona gem to a global audience.

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Embraced by the towering peaks of the San Francisco Peaks in Northern Arizona, Flagstaff is a haven of natural wonders and outdoor delights. From the pine-scented trails that meander through the Coconino National Forest to the panoramic views atop Humphreys Peak, the highest point in Arizona, Flagstaff beckons with the promise of adventure. The historic downtown, with its charming shops and eateries, adds a touch of local flair, creating a vibrant tapestry where nature and culture seamlessly intertwine.

As the sun dips below the horizon, Flagstaff’s celestial magic takes center stage. Designated the world’s first International Dark Sky City, the night sky transforms into a breathtaking display of stars. Lowell Observatory, a beacon of astronomical discovery, invites visitors to gaze into the cosmos. In Flagstaff, each moment is an invitation to explore, whether under the sun-drenched canopies of the day or the celestial splendor of the night.


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