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Destination British Columbia (DBC) aspires to share the transformative power of BC experiences with the world. DBC’s Digital Content team connects global travelers with stories that bring the Super, Natural British Columbia® brand to life through hellobc.com, email, and consumer social media channels. Now, DBC is looking to connect with local creators to produce and share compelling travel experiences, moments, and stories that authentically represent the diverse population and unique experiences of people in BC.

How it Works

We’ve partnered with Destination BC to work with content creators like yourself. You’ll capture authentic content to show off the top spots the province has to offer and get paid for your work! To get started:

  1. Become a CrowdRiff Creator.
  2. We’ll be in touch via email to help you navigate downloading the app, getting paid for your work, and how to participate in Content Challenges
  3. You’ll be notified of new Content Challenges in your area on a regular basis, or simply scroll down to see what’s available now
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  5. Get paid for your work and use it to fuel your next adventure!

British Columbia Challenges

Explore British Columbia Challenges

Be a Tour Guide in Your Own Town

If you had a friend visiting from out of town, what would be the first things you’d want to show them?

DBC wants to know what BC travel experiences you enjoy and love, and which you would recommend that someone experience when visiting British Columbia for the first time. Take us along for the journey while you share your favorite local businesses, attractions, tours, and hidden gems of the area you live in.

Some questions to get you thinking:

  • What attractions would you visit?
  • What activities would you do?
  • What eats would you try?
  • What hidden gems would you explore?
  • Which local business shouldn’t be missed?

Expenses incurred on experiences showcased in the Story are eligible for reimbursement, capped at $75 per Story. This will be paid out on actuals, so hold on to those receipts!


  • All Stories must meet the base guidelines
  • All Stories must follow DBC’s content checklist
  • Stories must be submitted by [date]
  • Expenses must be submitted using this form
  • Each creator can submit one Story for this challenge
  • DBC reserves the right to not compensate and/or reimburse expenses for Stories that do not fall under this theme or do not meet the guidelines above

Indescribable BC Experiences

BC is full of life and activity in the spring, offering up unique experiences that you have to experience for yourself to truly understand how awe-inspiring they are. What BC travel experiences have left you speechless?

Dig back into your camera roll and share with us an amazing BC experience you had last Spring or early Summer that you find hard to put into words. Some examples could be…

  • Exploring moody rainforests
  • A rejuvenating oceanside stroll
  • An epic mountain hike
  • Watching the cherry blossoms bloom
  • Experiencing Indigenous culture
  • Tasting a new or unique food
  • Spotting wildlife (on a guided tour)
  • Visiting an attraction or event

The first step is to send us a 1-2 sentence pitch explaining what the experience was and where it took place through this Google form. We will review your pitch and let you know if you are accepted into the content challenge. 

Once accepted, you will need to include a recorded voiceover trying to put your experience into words. How did it make you feel? What was it like? How did it change you?


  • Content used must be from March 1- June 30, from or near Vancouver, Victoria, Whistler, and/or elsewhere on Vancouver Island
  • Each creator can submit 1 story for this challenge
  • Each story should contain 3-5 video panels, focusing on a total of 1-2 experiences
  • All Stories must meet the base guidelines
  • All Stories must follow DBC’s content checklist
  • Voiceover is required on each panel. You can use the iMovie app, or other similar options available on the App Store
  • Pitches must be submitted using this Google Form by Mar 13, 2023, and if accepted, Stories must be submitted by Mar 19, 2023
  • DBC reserves the right to not compensate and/or reimburse expenses for Stories that do not fall under this theme or do not meet the guidelines above
photo of a brown wooden dock in the lake under a cloudy sky during daytime

Destination BC strives to create a welcoming and safe space so that all creators, regardless of background or identity, are invited to join all Content Challenges. Each person experiences British Columbia differently, and we hope to apply this lens to these Content Challenges. Destination BC invites you to bring your unique perspective and lived experience to the content you create.

DBC’s commitment to inclusivity is based on continuous learning and improvement. As such, you are invited to provide anonymous or identifiable feedback for us by clicking the button below.

Have any questions?

We are happy to answer any questions at creators@crowdriff.com.