About Visit California

Visit California is a nonprofit organization with the mission of promoting and marketing California as a premier tourist destination. From the majestic mountains to the picturesque beaches, California’s unparalleled beauty and diversity offer something for every traveler. Abundance and variety set us apart thanks to awe-inspiring redwood forests, captivating deserts, bustling metropolitan cities, and charming small towns.

Through our extensive network, we reach 33 million-plus individuals worldwide, and our social channels boast a community of more than 3 million engaged followers. We invite local creators to share their favorite hidden gems, travel insights, and unique experiences around the Golden State, showcasing the captivating and diverse perspectives that make California an extraordinary travel destination.

How it Works

We’ve partnered with Visit California to work with content creators like yourself. Capture authentic travel experiences that highlight the best the Golden State has to offer, all while being compensated for your creativity! The program celebrates genuine, user-generated content, encouraging you to present your perspective and experiences without formal affiliations.

To get started:

  1. Become a CrowdRiff Creator
  2. We’ll be in touch via email to help you navigate downloading the app, getting paid for your work, and how to participate in Content Challenges
  3. You’ll be notified of new Content Challenges in your area on a regular basis, or simply explore opportunities in our app.
  4. Create CrowdRiff Creator submissions through our app for each Content Challenge you’d like to participate in
  5. Get paid for your work and use it to fuel your next adventure!

Sample Visit California Challenge

Sample Challenge - Show Off Your CrowdRiff Creators

We recommend starting off with this Challenge, it’s a great way to use footage you might already have. Create CrowdRiff Creator submissions to show off your favorite spots around your neighborhood or city – the kind of places you would recommend to a friend who’s visiting for a few days!


  • CrowdRiff Creator submissions submitted for this challenge must tell a story about a local business, experience, or attraction in California. This can be a local coffee shop, unique food experiences, a nearby hike, or get creative!
  • Each story must paint a compelling narrative about the location or experience. Share insider tips, unique perspectives, and describe what makes this location a must-visit!
  • While Visit California looks to promote as much of the state as possible, some places are avoided due to safety reasons and/or the effects of over-tourism on these locations. Do not feature any places on this list.
  • All Submissions must meet the base guidelines.
  • Each creator can submit a maximum of two Submissions for this challenge. 
  • Visit California reserves the right to not compensate submissions that do not fall under this theme or do not meet the requirements.

Have any questions?

We are happy to answer any questions at creators@crowdriff.com.