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What is Localhood?

Louisiana is so much more than the sum of its parts. It’s unique, and you know it. But does everyone else know? CrowdRiff Creators is where you go to share your favorite experiences, businesses, and attractions with fellow locals and potential visitors.

Louisiana Travel is excited to work with the Bayou Krewe to help show off what makes Louisiana so special – YOU. Share your stories using CrowdRiff Creators and you’ll earn cash rewards so you can continue to support local.

Why Join?

CrowdRiff Creators Guides showcase the best spots around town, helping to drive traffic to the local businesses, attractions, and experiences you know and love. CrowdRiff Creator Guides will:

  • Participate in Content Challenges

    Share recommendations & receive cash rewards you can spend locally

  • Attend Exclusive Events

    These private monthly events feature activities in your local community

  • Discover New Experiences

    Learn about other locals’ go-to hidden gems and find your new favorite spot

Thanks to CrowdRiff Creators I’ve been able to discover businesses I haven’t been to before and learned that there is always something new to explore.”

Thanuja V. (@experiencethisnext)

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Become a CrowdRiff Creator for Louisiana in just a few minutes and start sharing your favorite local spots.

Introducing CrowdRiff Creators Stories

We’re building a tool to help you share your favorite local spots as easily as possible – CrowdRiff Creators Stories.

Stories are the most compelling way to share experiences with the world, and now, they’re on the web.

Take advantage of interactive video, imagery, and sound to tell your unique Stories, and inspire travelers & locals alike to visit Louisiana’s hidden gems. CrowdRiff Creators Stories look and feel like a story shared on social, but with the added benefits of being:

  • Discoverable

    Each Story shared on CrowdRiff Creators can be found with a simple Google search, reaching a much wider audience.

  • Evergreen

    Localhood Stories don’t disappear after 24 hours; they can always be discovered, for as long as you’d like.

  • Actionable

    Our swipe up feature lets Localhood Creators seamlessly pack in more info, tips, and links into each story.